Every Family Must Watch This Movie Once In Their Lifetime

The Telugu film industry, also known as Tollywood, has seen a few intriguing and eye-catching films roll out amid the pandemic. The strong dedication and teamwork of the staff and crew resulted in the movies released on OTT Streaming platforms.

We had more time to devote to ourselves and our interests during the lockdown, and we were able to watch a variety of films. If you’re a movie fan who’s out of options or wants to try something different, don’t let language be an obstacle. There are thousands of choices to choose from, and if you can open your mind, you will be able to see a huge array of film collections.

All film industries have something to offer that transcends through time and becomes a legacy.

One such film that is a new addition to the Telugu new movies list is NaarinijaMithai, available to stream exclusively on the OTT Platform AHA.

NaarinjaMithai is a Telugu dubbed version of the super hit Tamil film SiluKaruppatti, written and directed by HalithaShameen. Pradeep Kumar made the music, and the cinematography was done by AbhinandhanRamanujam, ManojParamahamsa, Vijay Kartik Kannan, and YaminiYaghnamurth.  You can now watch NaarinjaMithai Movie online, the Telugu dubbed version on OTT Platform aha.

NaarinjaMithai is anthropology and includes four stories, each with its own set of emotions. A scavenger, a cancer survivor, an elderly couple, and a husband and wife partnership are among the characters in this collection. Even though some of the characters appear in multiple stories, they are not related.

The first story, Pink Bag, stars Sara Arjun, Rahul, Venkatesh, Swati Shree, and Shwetha. The second story KakkaKadi stars Manikandan K and Nivedhitaa Satish. The third story, Turtles, stars LeelaSmason, KravmagaSreeram, and Semmalar Annam. The final story, Hey Ammu stars, Samuthirakani, SunainaaSujayKaviyaan, Pradhiksha M., Mohammed Immaudhin, and Deepa Shankar.

Critically acclaimed and commercially successful, the Tamil film was a delight to the audience’s eyes for its unique take on mundane things in life.

NaarinjaMithai weaves together all of the stories with excellent performances, superb direction, stunning cinematography, and thumping beats. NaarinjaMithai is an intense emotional saga that is not for those who expect action, dance, and songs from a movie. However, if you want to experience the feeling, you must watch it.

The OTT platforms have had a significant role in creating new and unique content, unlike the generic content you get on television and films. The platforms cut down on many restrictions, giving creators more creative freedom to make content that speaks more than what it would before; NaarinjaMithai is one such film. Even when it follows many of its predecessors talking about social issues and relevant topics relating to life in four different stories, the major difference lies in its unique style of lacing it within an Anthropology. This way, you are viewing more than one film, and thus you are inspired four times in the same running time as a normal film.